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Conquering the country one bite at a time. There are no foods I actually dislike, just foods I prefer. Bread, nuts, cheese, and dessert, are on the supremely awesome list.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Crosby Connection

Nothing prepared me fore how small this place was. I could tell you that this place is literally a guy making sandwiches in a closet and it still wouldn't really prepare you. I'm talking small like....a hummer limo trying to fit into a hamster cage. There are no chairs. No tables. No place to sit. In fact you never enter the restaurant. It's not an option. It is one guy making the sandwiches and one handling the money. They are without a doubt 100% New Yorkers. And the people that know about this place are 'people in the know'. This is definately off the beaten path. But they are so nice and their sandwiches are really creative. The following is black forrest hma with gouda cheese, green apples drizzled with balsalmic and honey dijon. Can you say "Yeah, I'd like one" Mmmmm me too. Right not... (well maybe when I am not so full of Bouchon Pate a Choux dough...why did you make me eat you Riliguese?!?!?). Anyhoo the sandwich is pressed and a great deal for $5. Rock on.


I've been reading about this restaurant for a long time on Chowhound.com. People always say....Tapas=Alta. And as usual, the hounds speak the truth. The entrance of the restaurant may be discreet, tucked into the basement in the mist of brownstones, but the inside has a wonderful aura. There are two levels of seating with a square atrium in the middle. Our waiter informed us that the inside rafters have been untouched since the mid 1800's, which is totally sweet, and perhaps the echo of the past contributes greatly to the warm atmosphere. But let's not forget why we are here. The food. The food is awesome. It is small. Tapas are by nature small, and these are no exception. But each dish is exquisitely composed with flavors.
I don't have pictures of the main dishes so I won't torture you with the details (becuase descriptions without pictures are just painful, there's no way around that).
So here is the dessert I...consumed...no savored. "Rice Krispie Treats-coconut foam, chocolate dust & peanut croquant". Woah. This was the best "rice krispie treat" I HAVE HAD. If the kebler elves had thought of this, they would be sitting on a gold mine. I'm sure they are kicking themselves. The puffs were lighter than ice cream and gelato....they erred more on the side of a meringue..in fact I'm sure they were some form it. The center pieces were little peanut cookies. Light, full of flavor, sweet with a delicate crisp. Woah, so good. Must go back!!!