Dining Desperado-The Good, The Bad and the YUMMY

Conquering the country one bite at a time. There are no foods I actually dislike, just foods I prefer. Bread, nuts, cheese, and dessert, are on the supremely awesome list.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Grandma's Hooooome Cookin

So I knew my grandma was the master of peanut butter candy but apparently she is the master of breakfast casseroles too. Here there is a vegtable casserole featuring asparagus, a ham and potato casserole, and last, but my favorite a spicy sausage and bread pudding conncoction. Grandma please live with me.

The Capital Grill

The Capital Grill...everybody's like..."Hey I don't know that.." And that's correct you do not unless you are from Kansas city. What, you thought we just nibbled on wheat stocks....no no no...that's not how we DO. This is how we do. Filet Mignon with a Bearnaise sauce, asparagus with hollaindaise, creamy garlic potates, crisp veggies....and oh..right..dessert.
Dessert platter cosisting of Strawberry cheesecake, key lime pie, crum brulee, and a flourless chocolate espresso cake. Yeah that's basically how we roll. Mmmmm. Tasty. Thanks Joe.

Cooking Lab 9

Cooking Class. Egg Bread Rolls and Multigrain Bread Rolls. And by Multigrain I mean sesame seeds, flax seeds, millet, and quinoa, and honey and deliciousness. My group didn't actually make either of these but they were so cute I had to put them up. I can assure you I ate both and they are picture worthy.

Space Market

I am currently recovering from bringing my camera with me...but with no batteries. Thus there are no pictures for my lunch at Gray Dog Coffee house, second outing at Doma, and Murray's bagels foray. Forgive me for my sins, but today I begin a new. Lunch today was Space Market Sushi. My little snack here was $2.75. Space Market is cheap and dependable for a nice little bite, and most importantly its close proximity is key. It was so lovely out (if you don't count the wind) that I ate out in washington square park. Everything is turning such pretty colors.
And to sooth my stomach...I wandered into Tasti-Delight, a frozen yogurt chain in the city, where I sampled the 'Baby Ruth' flavor. It had a nice light chocolate nut flavor...I asked the girl working what her favorite flavor was. She looked me straight in the eye "no comment"...what's that supposed to mean I thought....then it hit me. The after taste from the Baby Ruth that is. It tasted like some wierd metallic medicine. It left a wierd film in my mouth...She said "I don't like any of our flavors, I just work here" Holy crap...I can see what she means. These aren't just bad, they are Trick Nasty (I just invented that to describe the displeasure they caused me)! Their only salvation is the toppings which mask the yogurt flavors, which defeats teh point of their business. What are they trying to pull? This must be for people who haven't eaten real dessert in so long that they forgot what it tastes like. I see lots of skinny girls go in...they must be thinking "Oh god, I'm going to pay for this on the treadmill"...no NO...if I live 30 years longer because I'm eating "healthy" stuff like that, than maybe I don't want to live 30 years longer. Hand me a Sticky Bun and a death slip, I'm checkin out of this backward place. Besides that stuff tastes like it causes cancer anyway.

After my dance with whacked fro-yo I headed next door to Oren's Coffee. Hot Chocolate it's gotta be. "Do you use powder?" I asked. "No it's our homemade syrup" Then count me in I say! The Chocolate was almost exactly what I expected. Not super thick-city bakery style-nothing like that. Just a nice rich chocolate taste complimented by a thick milk. Give me calories or give me death!