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Conquering the country one bite at a time. There are no foods I actually dislike, just foods I prefer. Bread, nuts, cheese, and dessert, are on the supremely awesome list.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Midwest Express

So if you have never flown Midwest Express (which is very probable if you are from NY and refer to everything outside of Manhatten as...over there) then get a load of this. Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies! That is sheer marketing genius! Everytime you fly Midwest you recieve not one...but two...TWO WARM CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. As you sit on the plane the smell of chocolate fills the cabin. First the drink cart comes...and then the COOKIES. The stewardess hands you two cookies in a napkin. Did I mention they are warm? I can see the chocolate physically melting. It's a glorious thing. The cookie is soft and I don't know how good the cookie actually is but at 3,500 feet in the air I'm used to recieveing pretzel bags with 2 and a half pretzels or being subject to unsalted dry roasted peanuts (i.e. the worst idea ever) or just a baby screaming so loud that I don't even remember what measley snack was thrust into my cramped sitting area. So given the alternatives this is either one of the best cookies I've had in comparison or food just tastes better at higher altitude. Regardless, Midwest has no fear of ever going under. If a Midwest flight is $50 dollars more...how can you put a price on warm cookies?