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Conquering the country one bite at a time. There are no foods I actually dislike, just foods I prefer. Bread, nuts, cheese, and dessert, are on the supremely awesome list.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ode to Doma

Didn't Bob Dylan and Kerouac and basically everyone cool pass through the west village at one point or another? So my quesiton is...why haven't I BEEN here before?!?!? I basically walk the skirts of the blue and green lines...but there is so much more...could it be that I have a new favorite neighborhood? The West Village might have just overtaken the East Village in coolness...well maybe not coolness so much as cleanliness. Anyhoo I will shun the West Village no more! This is DOMA. Doma is Czech for home, and it is without a doubt my new home, my new casa, my new maison, my new crib. Looking at menupages can only tell you so much about a restaurant. The restaurant can only be fully judged in the flesh. You have to see it, stand next to it, and feel it to percieve the atmosphere. Doma is the perfect combination. It might be my soulmate restaurant...yeah that's right...who needs men? I got NY and Doma. hehe oh no... but if I were the kind of person that put up ads on craigs list looking for a hubbie, then this would totally come it. There's a gorgeous facade of windows, window sills, a steady stream of people (the perfect stream of noise and sense of community with a place to sit), warn wooden floors, hand painted dog charictures on the wall, and pardon my french but DAMN good food.
I could describe the entire mouthwatering menu but...everyone would just slobber, and no one wants to clean that up. So I'll just give you what I had and hopefully you can keep your salivation in check. First. The chai latte. This is a small cup, and it's the perfect small cup because it is BIG. The chai was great. It met all of my standards. Extra hot, Steamed Milk, Steamed tea lots of foam, and a cute plate (which is totally key).

Next the Sandwich. Balthazar's ciabatta with tomato, mozzarella (from Joe's Dairy), and basil served warm panino style. So basically.....so basically....this was AMAZING. I say a lot of things are amazing but i'll back track the chai was so so. I've had better. The pasta at Lupa was good but I've had better. But this was the BEST Panino I've had. I have to give props to Balthazar because the bread was....unsurpassable in crisp delicate yet substantial deliciousness! The cheese was scrumculescent as well. It was warm and stretchy and fresh and everything the Italians would be proud of. The sandwich also came with a side salad of mesclun tossed in Doma's lemon vinagrette. All this for $7.00...DOMA IS IN THE HOOOOUSE. Yeah yeah yeah...(insert rap song here). So...am I going back? Suckah pleeeeaaaase. I'm a gonna liiiive there.