Dining Desperado-The Good, The Bad and the YUMMY

Conquering the country one bite at a time. There are no foods I actually dislike, just foods I prefer. Bread, nuts, cheese, and dessert, are on the supremely awesome list.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Financier Patisserie..5

If that doesn't look amazing than my name is James Collingsworth Pinkerton the Third. Oh man...Gruyere cheese on a brioche bread encasing a lovely ham. Wow, now that's a good idea....what comes to mind when describing it? I'm lovin it. That's right McDonald's I'm lovin it and its not deep fried. In your face. And the side salad was also quite tasty. Financier, you can do no wrong. Let me preface this by saying these were not all mine. Which is really too bad for me, because they were all fab-tastic. So good they needed their own word. The left is a chestnut mousse tirimisu. Light outer shell and smooth and creamy inside. Well done. The right is the perfect richness of chocolate raspberry tart. Not too heavy. Not too bitter. Not to creamy. Just a nice maluable chocolate that offers a sweet flavor and delicate crust with a citrus rim. And finally since the one in the front is blurred and it is my favorite....commence food fantasy. The banana giner coconut tart...uhhh Yes Please. So this was the tart I've had my eye on for about a month but it is usually sold out. Finally I got my show down. High noon. The plate are set. The forks are still...draw. The middle consists of sliced banans and the top is a soft banana cream, toped with a caramelized banana. And if it couldn't get any better toasted coconut and dried ginger ring the edge. So basically a tart of my favorite fruit. Conclusion: Yum.

Le Pain Quotidien

This was from a while ago, but I'm in hyper catch up mode right now. Here is one of Le Pain's open faced tartine sandwiches. Good fresh ingredients that are a real treat but not mind blowing. This sandwich is grilled chicken, smoked mozzerella, arugala, and pesto. Accompanied by a small chunk of melon and cornichons which I am beginning to grow quite fond of.