Dining Desperado-The Good, The Bad and the YUMMY

Conquering the country one bite at a time. There are no foods I actually dislike, just foods I prefer. Bread, nuts, cheese, and dessert, are on the supremely awesome list.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bouchon Bakery

I had this a while ago, but I just found the picture, and had to post it immediately. This is the Pecan Sticky Bun. This changed my life. It's one of those things...that you eat one bite of and it's so delicous that you stop. You stop and think about what you just ate. Then you take another bite. Then you stop and think about what you just ate. Then you look at what you are eating really hard and try to comprehend what is causing this sensation of supreme deliciousness. Then you look over your shoulder to make sure that no one is trying to steal it from you. Surely someone must see you and want this. How can people not know?! How can people not know about something this delicious? Then you wonder how you ever lived without knowing something this delicious. Then you realize that your life has changed because your standards for deliciousness have been irreversibly altered. It is at this point that you have known the pecan sticky bun.

Buenos Aires Bakery/La Nueva Bakery

After eating the calorie intense meal we headed to the bakeries...yeah we're tough. Each country takes the essential bakery items-breads and pastries- and incoorporates its own twists. Each has its own specialties, but at the core they share universal happiness:calories and sugar. Both bakeries we went to, Buenos Aires and La Nueva, had a massive of array of things that I would definately like to consume. At Buenos Aires I learned that Columbian desserts are known for using caramel. So it was decided I would get something with caramel. So explain that chocolate thing, you ask. Well let me tell you a secret. The inside is caramel! It doesn't get stuck in your teeth, its not that kind. It doesn't have a strong flavor, its not that kind. It's filled with silky smooth caramel that twists and bends with the pace of your fork. The bottom is a traditional white sugar cookie that is more or less a vehicle for the caramel. At first I wasn't too impressed with the tart but slowly I started to appreciate the subtlety of the caramel. I would like to go back and try other desserts with the caramel (which trust me, there is no lack in options). The sweet bread with vanilla frosting on the left I actually preferred to the tart. It was dense and sweet like a cinnamon roll, and boy do I love cinnamon rolls. I must consume for of those. No wonder they were made in rows, its because people buy five of them at once. I feel stupid, I should have bought 5 or 20...damn, but then again Columbia is only 20 min away.

La Pequena Colombia

Woah...so apparently my geography is a little off...because it turns out Columbia is a 20 minute ride subway ride away. After a tip from Chowhound I had my eye set on Roosevelt Avenue and it ethnic goodness. But who would make a ridiculous day trip out of food? Who would take the 'E' train to the ends of the earth with me? ...Robyn OF COURSE! So we got of the subway and like I said, we were IN Columbia. No English signs, no english overheard anywhere.