Dining Desperado-The Good, The Bad and the YUMMY

Conquering the country one bite at a time. There are no foods I actually dislike, just foods I prefer. Bread, nuts, cheese, and dessert, are on the supremely awesome list.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dragon Land (or something)

Coconut Bun. Coconut delicousness. I still like the cream bun the best, but the coconut bun deserves honorable mention. Next goal: pinneapple.

Fa Da Bakery

Chocolate Walnut Bun. I had to go for it. Chocolate is a rare find in a Chinese Bakery. So I saw this and it seduced me. It was one dollar. Note to self: You know you have been to too many chinese bakery when you start feeling ripped off when things cost a dollar. "Well I never!" But one dollar is actually a good deal considering anywhere else in the city it would be two dollars. The chocolate on this bun was like a cocoa powder, not a cream. Although I prefer denser and more caloric chocolates (seriously) I liked this and would totally buy it again. The dough was soft and fresh the way that it is only in Chinese bakeries where they make buns that are soft and delicous.

Bouchon Bakery

The best spice for food is hunger but the second best is gratis, complimentary, on the house, or in other words FREE. Someone has smiled down on me this week. I started my meal with the roasted beets and garden mache salad. The most amazing part of Bouchon food, I have come to understand, is that somehow it always tastes better than it looks. I always think "WOW, when I see it and when I taste it... I stop, I concentrate, and I think HOT DAMN that was AMAZING. So tonight I started with my favorite salad which is composed of roasted red and yellow beets, leafy greens, aged GOAT CHEESE, and toasted hazelnuts. Everything has a light sheen from the prefect coating of sheey vinaigrette. YUM in my TUM everytime.
Next, although I really wanted to get the Cashew Butter and Jam, or Ham and Cheese I had to be strong and forge ahead into unchartered and untried menu item waters. There isn't a whole lot that I haven't tried, but the QUICHE! The quiche was something that most people hadn't tried so I had to take one for the team. I ordered the quiche lorraine, but to my utter deliiiiiight I got the Quiche florentine instead (they were out of the other-which is bacon and onions). This was Spinach and roquefort cheese swirled into a creamy egg mixture. Normally I'm not a huge fan of eggs. We say our hello's...but it's noramlly a "heeello eggs" in the same way Jerry Seinfeld would sneer "hello Newman". But this was eggs the way I like them. Adding texture and flavor but not providing the main taste. The piece was light and delicate. The eggs and spinach cut easily and were smooth and creamy. The crust was light and delicate and buttery deliciousness. I would totally get this again for breakfast if I could get fruit with it.

And last, but never least: Dessert. OR rather the real reason for eating. Low on pastries, the choice was between the nutter butter or the oatmeal raisin cookie. Is that a choice? I haven't had my daily helping of peanut butter and I'm starting to get shaky. I love desserts. Everyone tries to make pleasent conversation but everyone's eyes are darting across the room hoping to catch sight of the waiter caring the dessert. Tonight, a surpries from the kitchen. A little dish of ice cream! Right on! One bite of the ice cream and I knew....vanilla beans...from madagascar (our very expensive and wonderful beans that infuse flavor into the macorons and various amazing dishes). And on top a wonderful chocolate drizzle. The ice cream was wonderful but I can't forget the nutter butter. It was at the top of its game tonight. It was soft, pliable, chewy, tender, and chalked full of virginia peanuts. And the peanut butter filling was perfectly ribboned on the sides. Everything combined equals an amazing dessert, even as a cookie. The best peanut butter cookie i've ever had, hands down.

Tisch Cart

Banana Nut Muffin from the Tisch Cart. I always see the muffins in the cart. They are plump and tender looking pressed up against the glass. I always want one. Or five, or however many there are! But I never get one. There's something about the vendors and I. I'm not sure what our relationship is. I like the fact that they are they. I'm generally looking for something a little more creative and with a little more ambiance, so I don't eat there, but I would be upset if they left. I like the fact that they are there. So today, I felt happy to be participating in ensuring his existence, and sustaining his abiltity to be. I got this banana nut muffin. It can be described as 'a cake muffin'. A muffin that tastes like cake. And you know what, sometimes that's what you need. It had a nice cakey consistency but would have been better with nuts inside instead of merely on top. It wasn't the greatest muffin, I knew it wouldn't be. But I know I will buy from him again, to facilitate this...this relationship that's hard to describe.