Dining Desperado-The Good, The Bad and the YUMMY

Conquering the country one bite at a time. There are no foods I actually dislike, just foods I prefer. Bread, nuts, cheese, and dessert, are on the supremely awesome list.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Peanut Butter Company 2

Yes, twice in two days.

Financier 4

This is my ideal breakfast. Coffee and something so covered in nuts and sugar you aren't even sure what it is. Oh or the little muffinskypoo in the back that is stout and plump at the same time. Check out how insanely long my hair is.

The Magnolia Bakery

Lots of pictures for one dessert.

Calcutta 2

Back again!!!

Peanut Butter and Company

Claire's Favorite Restaurant...to come.

Brooklyn-Muffin Sighting

Claire and I went to Williamsburg to go to Beacon's Closet (pretty close to amazing vintage shop). I want muffins from here, but I didn't have the capacity. I'll be back.

Tai Pan Bakery

Back to Tai Pan to take advantage of their seats, unsurpassed in sweetness chai's, and to drool over buns.

Lung Moon 2

We stopped into the Lung Moon and I got my favorite and Claire was attracted by the fluffy angel food cakes for fiftey cents!

Caravan of Dreams

Caravan recommended by Daveo. To come...

Whole Foods Cheese party with myself!

Details to come