Dining Desperado-The Good, The Bad and the YUMMY

Conquering the country one bite at a time. There are no foods I actually dislike, just foods I prefer. Bread, nuts, cheese, and dessert, are on the supremely awesome list.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sugar Sweet Sunshine

And what should happen to be across the street from Tiny's Giant Sandwich shop? Hmmmm...how coincidental....The Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery...how convenient and not carefully plotted and premeditated at all....Okay so it was the reason Robyn and I chose the Sandwich shop. There it's out. But just look! The cup cakes have names! My favortie name was Bob-a yellow cake with chocolate almond buttercream. So as you can see decisions here do not come easy. You have to walk around the case, press your face up against the glass and see what dessert is at the top of its game. I was debating between the Sexy Red Velvet-Red velvet cake with "the moose" (chocolate frosting) and the pumpkin pudding with some sort of egg nogg deliciousness. I went with the red velvet because it was so red and velvety, and it had a phat chocolate hat! Robyn decided on a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting (the cake being sliced below). My cupcake was beautiful. It also had little hearts!!!!! (Which I will temporarily over look their intended connotation of Feb. 14th, the impending reminder of singledom). First bite... a sugary chocolate frosting pierces my taste buds! HELLO! I am probably 95% sugar and 20% more sugar! The chocolate flavor was good, but not as rich and chocolate cream based as I would have liked. I kept eating and contemplating the frosting when it occured to me that I didn't know what the cup cake tasted like. I grabbed a virgin piece of the cake....it tasted like....like....nothing! It tasted like white cake! It is such a trick to the eye! The cake is a rich red and I want it to taste like red, almost to the point where I think it does, but no! It tastes like white cake! Not that this is bad. It is still good, but not what I had in mind, and not something I would order again. What's the hype about the red velvet, someone tell me!!!??!? I don't get it! Is the red velvet supposed to have a strong flavor, or are you velvet fanatics really digging the plain cake-red color magic trick?
Robyn's on the otherhand was simple...yet very impressive. The cake wasn't greasy but moist and the frosting...oh the frosting...it wasn't overly sugary, like mine...it had a little bit heavier texture with a smooth vanilla finish. It has something to order again! MMMmmm...it's something you lick out of the bowl, and off the plate....I mean no. No one does that, namely not me. Anyhooo, it was getting late and they were closing so we left. Question of the day: What happens to all of those cupcakes?

Pick a Bagel

I somehow found myself in the mist of a long hair cut wait, in the mist of an oncoming storm, in the mist of hunger. But I decided to brave the snow bullets in order to combat hunger and I stumbled into...Pick-a-Bagel. What a goofy name...pick a bagel...I smirked and giggled to myself inside. But when I went inside I understood...this was not a silly name. This was an irrefutable, undenibale, profound, glorious, and perfectly accurate name. All of the bagels congregated in their respecitve bins just above eye level behind the counter. They were all plump and doughy...and the first thing I thought was..."I want to PICK one." Unfortunately the workers pick them for you, but I pointed to the exact one I wanted, even if I didn't get to physically extract it. I chose a sourdough bagel because it looked DELICICICICICIOUS. and IT WAS.
Now let me say, I have been to H &H-on the upper west side, Murray's Bagel's, and Bagel Bob's and I declare this my favorite bagel of the bunch (but I haven't had Murray's toasted yet, and I think that might totally rock). But for eating without toating this is by far the superior bagel. There is a slight crisp as you pierce the outside and then you are greeted by a plush and pillowy center. I am totally riding the subway up here before class just to get one of these toasted. And their muffins are bigger than most small dogs, and look equally delicious (as the bagels, not the dogs, I am not a canine-ivore...I love puppies). I will have to sample those thoroughly and report back. This is the New York Bagel I longed for!!!

Financier Patisserie

.....Guilty. I had to go back! I love it! And it is in my neighborhood. You would go if it were a 5 minutes walk from you...or you would be a crazy gufferpuff. So today I had a small mochaccino, which I have since decided, is not the way to go. The way to go is to get a large coffee with milk and sugar because they are virtually the same. They steam the milk in the regular coffees.
Anyhoo, this was my first morning experience here. When I walked in the wicker baskets were piled high with all sorts of sugar sprinkled breakfast delight! Oh LORD! This was the time to go! I peeked around to the pastry case...stacked to the brim! I need to be here when the doors open in the morning...I imagine it is equivalent to the flood gates of paradise. So naturally I had a tough time chooseing. The powdered sugared items looked so amazing, but I have heard very good things about the scones and there are only three left....I got a scone.
As you see the scone is very cute. It's squat, pudgy, and in some sort of mid curtsey. mmmmmmmm...swollen glute granules. First bite. Very interesting. The outside layer is golden and slightly crisp, but not an inhibiting or separate crisp. Financier has a way of cooking thier scones, and also muffins, in a way where the outside layer is extremely delicate and delicious. It has a wonderful texture that is harmonious with the interior and enhances its taste. I really had to concentrate to appreciate the goodness of the scone. It has a very subtle flavor of a plain biscuit with nuts, and the lingering flavor of butter. Of course, I added more butter, like I do to most carbohydrates. If I wanted it again I would bring Sarabeth jam with me. It needs a flavor partner to tango with if you know what I mean.