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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Tisserie is a bakery I heard about through the grapevine. The bakery world in NY is pretty tight knit. So while I was at Bouchon I heard about 2 brothers from south america who were opening a bakery in Union Square. So of course...it was my patriotic duty to check it out. The scoop: It's pretty big. It has a sleek modern feel. The menus are big flat screen tv's. I would say they want to be in a league with bouchon. Let's see.
At the counter there was a lovely selection of pastries. Criossants...danishes....a few sandwiches. It was quite similar to Bouchon really. A mix of things but predominantly French inspired. So what should I get? Well the most unique thing of course...or the thing that looks the most delicious. So I browsed the counter for a while and settled on a croissant filled with ricotta and topped with parmesan. The pastry itself wasn't big and impressive but I would let taste have the final say. Claire and I wondered to the back of the store where we found an upstairs. Unfortunately we had to climb over some boxes to get to it. Everyone (the workers...and consequently the customers) and everything was a little confusing which is understandable since they hadn't even been open a week.

I took a bite...A Good Croissant....not as flakey and fluffy as Bouchon's....rather the layers were more tightly packed and the outside had a thin crisp shell...where bouchon has a soft pillow top. Anyway....on to the filling. The filling was awesome! Well it was ricotta and I LOVE cheese, so what's not to like? And topped off by even more cheese! The parm was a very nice compliment in texture and taste. The ricotta is a creamy, subtle cheese and the parm is a sharp cheese which was great lightly toasted in bits on top. So...would I got back? If I was in the area I would definatley go back BUT I would wait until they had a chance to get settled down first. I would say in a couple of months they will be a nicely oiled machine but until then expect oddities with gracious service.


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