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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bouchon For Jenni :)

Back to the old stomping grounds. It looks better than ever. Seriously, I'm not just saying that to bulster my self esteem. It is operating like a well operating machine. Its funny seeing tisserie open and remember what it was like to open Bouchon....oh goodness. Bouchon bakery. Well lets just say I would have eaten everything if I had enough money. The cases were packed with familiar things...and some NEW THINGS! Ooooo NEW THINGS! I NEW THINGS! They had the tuna sammich!!mmmm! And now they prominantly diplayed terraine of foie gras (with a cute little tag for $35) and salmon rillettes ($28 or something). And there was an s-load of new tarts!!! Including a banana!!! OH I wanted it! Too bad it wasn't breakfast. I probably should have gotten in anyway.

There are always two "seasonal" danishes. And of course this was summer...A new season! So I checked to see what the new danishes were. 1. Some apple type danish that looked pretty good. But...2. blueberry with creamy lemon curd. Yep. That's an easy decision. Plus, these are the only two pastries i haven't tried. I've had everything else. I'm glad I worked there. I think it would have tortured me if I didn't get to try everything. I don't know how other people live without trying everything, it would eat away at my soul, or maybe just my wallet.

MMMMmmmm that's bouchon consistency for ya. A dependable great everytime. This wasn't the best croissant from here I'd had but that's pretty picky because i've eaten double digit figures. The best ones I've had are always first thing in the morning...but thus is the nature of the croissant. The french would tell you it's sacrilidge to have a croissant at night (unless it was baked later that day) and they would scoff if you had milk with coffee past the afternoon (it's a breakfast thing). But when it comes to food I think we all have to surrender to the French (no pun intended, I wish I was French).

Here you can see a direct pastry comparison. Tisserie on the left and Bouchon on the right. There are different breeds of croissants, just like there are different breeds of dogs. When you make croissants you take a rich dough and you basically lay a block of butter on top of it. Then you fold the dough over the butter like an envelope and flatten it by rolling it or putting it through a machine. Then you repeat this until you have dispersed the butter into the dough in alternating levels. This process is called lamination, and the thing is that every chef does a different ratio of butter to dough, a different folding system, and a different number of times of rolling it out. So thus....that's why you find a adaptive radiation in the croissant species. There are definatley some mutants out there. Tisserie and Bouchon are both good, and it's also a little unfair to compare these two because the Tisserie's is filled before baking...which introduces all sorts of moisture issues into the equation. Right now, Bouchon is still better, but Tisserie is a good addition to Union Square fo sho. Tru dat.


Blogger the cheerful writer said...

i love food!
i like this site : )

9:39 PM  
Blogger Wayne said...

Hey Sarah,

I found your blog via your friend on flickr. I was looking for Bouchon Bakery pics/critiques and saw her photo of you and a baguette. Just wanted to say hey and I wish I got to say goodbye. Wish we could have grabbed a beer sometime anyways. Keep writing about food. Your funny and interesting.
"Chef Wayne"

1:39 PM  

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