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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hizzah, Back to the Midwest

Okay, so New York might have a few more people than Kansas, and it has been said that the public transportation system is a tad bit better. Sure they have a 24 hour Apple Store and hundreds of more cool shops where we have wheat...and there's no denying that there are more diverse restaurants in New York than there are in the entire Midewest combined...Hell even their baseball team puts KC to shame. And I'm not saying that I don't miss the indefatiguable selection of cupcakes..and bagels...and chinese buns (oh god help me..where in Kansas are the Chinese buns!!!)...and the old school deli's...and the Japanese desserts...and the plethera of top dollar premiere restaurants...and the smell of crispy falafel, fresh mozzerella, and toasted baguette all comingling on the same block...BUT...there is something to be said for Kansas. On the flight back home I wasn't quite sure what that was. I could feel my soul deflating, and the rush of New York's nervous excitement dissolving into oblivion. However, when I got back I was practically blinded. My eyes were taken aback by the unfamiliar forms and colors which literally scorched my eyes with their exoticism. What were these new forms...foreign to my eyes? Well, space, for starters. Just as the sky scrappers loomed on the streets of New York, and pierced the sky, I felt the weight of space..and nothingness. Conversely, the array of colors which collided into every breath in the city were absent. Completely diminished, yet not diluted. Instead, color rallied together and poured their effort into fewer colors. Blue and Green dominated the landscape and seemed more vibrant than all the flashing lights of Times Square. Kansas may yearn for a 24 hour genius bar, and a 5 minute subway ride which will undoubtedly satisfy any food craving one could possibly have, but there is also something here which NY can not possibly touch. It would not suffice to say that there is simply more open country and more tranquility. There's something which can't be described by the five senses, and it is because of this thing, that I am happy to be home.


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