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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Eating with Giants

The restaurant scene in New York is strange. At first you are blown away by all of the choices and you want to eat everything at once and you can't imagine how you will even conquer one block in the city and you wander how you could ever settle for anything less than the mind boggling display of cuisine packed into every crevice...Yet, what is not readily apparent is that there is as much bad food in New York as there is good food and there is a whole lot of mediocre food in between. The mystique and granduer of the city trick you into thinking that everything you eat is better and more delicious than anywhere else in the country. Sometimes this is true. For instance, the bagels are unstoppable and the china buns are nothing short of a miracle. However, looking back on my culinary adventures...I ate a lot of average food. I really wanted to believe that everything in New York is amazing. I wanted to believe that everything I put into my mouth would be some sort of ambroisia only accessible to the citizens which inhabited Manhatten. Yet, this is far far far from the truth. Fooding in New York is amazing. It never gets old or dull no matter how many dissappointments and meal mishaps you encouter. But I think fooding here is funner here than it is anywhere else for these very faults. It is the ultimate challenge. It requires time, effort, and meticulous planning. I have labored and deliberated over meals with unbreakable concentration and more attention to detail and precision than I would give to a calculus derivative problem. After some thought, I have decided that this is because in New York the combinations and possibilities are infinite. So much food exists...so much food exists that you don't know about...right at your finger tips. The chance for the exact proportions, the right mix, sublime flavor, in essence-the perfect meal always seems to be within reach. This proximity to greatness can stimulate even the most mildly interested people, while simultaneouly driving the food obsessed to the brink of insanity. In this way, eating in New York is an extreme sport. The good meals are savored and enhanced by the city's thumping pulse, while the bad meals are cursed and analyzed. It is a constant challenge of triumph and defeat, which makes eating unlike anywhere else. However, finding a good meal takes time, skill, and cultivation of taste buds. New York could not be conquered in a lifetime, let alone five months. I will be back, when, and for how long I can not say. With that, I introduce a new chapter in my life and in my blog. Xtreme eating in Kansas City. I'm now back on my home turf and with that said...let the eating begin.


Blogger Robyn said...

Even though I'm excited about the fooding opportunities in France, I'm sure there are a lot of crappy baguettes. NEED TO FIND THE GOOD STUFF! And yeah, there's a lot of mediocre food in nyc...I'M AFRAID I MIGHT EAT IT! Planning is a good thing.

Ah well, it's still better than NJ. Hehe. (sigh)

Fooding must be one of the few sports that BURNS NO CALORIES.

Sorry about yout box. That is uncool.

6:58 PM  

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